Graciela Carnevale

(*1942, Marcos Juárez, Argentina)

Graciela Carnevale lives and works in Rosario, Argentina. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts, National University of Rosario in 1964 and has served on its faculty since 1985 until 2009. In 1965 she became involved with Grupo de Arte de Vanguardia de Rosario (GVR), a group that introduced radical changes in the local art scene. With these young artists, Carnevale participated in various exhibitions, such as: Rosario 67, Primary Structures II., OPNI and El Arte por el Aire. The group established Ciclo de Arte Experimental, a series of exhibitions organised every two weeks from May to October 1968. In this frame, Carnevale organized Acción del encierro (Lock-up action), in which individuals attending the opening reception for the exhibition were locked in the gallery for more than an hour. Their only way to break free from the artwork was by shattering the gallery windows. Again in 1968 Carnevale and GVR together with artists from Buenos Aires organised Tucumán arde. In 1969 GVR disbanded. Carnevale returned to the production of art in 1994, when she joined Grupo Patrimonio. Since 2003 she and the artist Mauro Machado have organised the alternative space El Levante and participated in several exhibitions such as Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles ; Brooklyn Museum, New York ; Pinacoteca, São Paulo, 2017-2018 or Documenta, Kassel, 2007.