Mariana Lombard

(*1986, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Mariana Lombard is a visual artist and researcher who lives and works in Buenos Aires. Mariana Lombard is a teacher of Visual Arts and is developing her Master’s thesis in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts (UNTREF, Argentina). She has received several scholarships for creation and training among the most recent are “Residency in creation and research” (ENSA Bourges, France; UNTREF, Argentina, 2020), “Scholarship to creation” (FNA, Argentina, 2018) and “Residency FASE” (CCR, Argentina, 2017). Her artistic work has been displayed in different cultural spaces and museums in Argentina and her videos have been part of festivals and programs in Argentina, Mexico, Cuba and the United States. She is an art teacher in a tertiary and university level and works independently on audiovisual artistic projects. Mariana Lombard participated in the elaboration of the Tucumán Arde mural with Ferenc Gróf.