Matteo Locci

(*1986, Rome, Italia)

Matteo Locci is a multimedia artist and a critical conjurer with a designer background who graduated from the faculty of architecture at theUniversity of Roma Tre in 2013. He iscurrently completing his Diplôme Supérieur de Recherche en Art with EESI and ENSA. Situated at the intersections of popular history, art, activism and performance, his work highlights the shifting relations between power, technical images, and participation, focusing on the ways by which attention is triggered, produced, circulates, and disappears in neoliberal participatory governance. Instigated by the notion of distraction within the attention economy, his current research analyses the neurological implication of the dopamine based circle of addiction while exploring the variety of the existing non attentive perceptions. Most of his research is carried out with and thanks to the interdisciplinary collective ATI suffix of which he is a co-founder. At the base of the collective's research is the understanding and the stressing of the contributions given by each actor participating in the construction of the city. They conceive their involvement as contaminated contaminants in co-created processes that open and are co-directed by the circumstances, the contexts, the people and the communities encountered. They refuse to operate in the urban environment within the logic already governing the city, thus they push their research as a trojan horse to decode, provoke and break pre-established convictions while operating as an unbalancing factor. Over the years, the group has exposed and performed in multiple international venues, among which: ATI @ Frac Orleans, MelatoninATI @ JoanneumMuseum, RebootATI @ Venice Architecture Biennale, DisturbATI @ Istanbul Design Biennial, DepurATI @ Istanbul Modern, ArenATI @ Columbia University StudioX.