Sandro Sulaberidze

(*1991, Tbilisi, Georgia)

Sandro Sulaberidze is visual artist and photographer. Hismultidisciplinary artworks focus on the importance of light, perception and informationdistribution. As an artist he investigates how light as a main carrier of information and energyaffects our social practice. How perception influences and how fake, virtual or augmentedrealities are constructed. He works with figures of speech in visual language touching sensitivetopics deconstructing and questioning contemporary social and cultural habits.

He's actively participating in international and local art scene in Tbilisi where he leaves andworks: Savse Mtvare, CCA-Tbilisi, Tbilisi Georgia 2021. - Man With a Webcam - Digital Oases,Tbilisi Georgia 2020. - Rivers Magic Garden, Tbilisi Georgia 2020. - The New Dictionary of OldIdeas, Meetfactory Prague, Czech republic 2020. - Hybrid Tbilisi, DeutschesArchitekturmuseum, Frankfurt, Germany 2018 etc.