Thibaut Gauthier

(*1988, Saint Remy, France)

Thibaut Gauthier is a graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges. In 2015 he was a research student on the “Document and Contemporary Art” post-graduate degree at the École Supérieure de l’Image (Angoulême and Poitiers). His practice then moved towards exploring the place of the economy in society via its own cultural productions: grey literature, accounting, activity reports etc. In 2017, at 'La Neomudéjar' Avant-garde Art Centre (Madrid), he created an archive on LGBTQ fanzines in Spain from 1970 to the present day. After a period of employment at a Corporate Social Responsibility rating agency (Vigeo-Eiris), in 2019 he created Fonction Support (Support Role), an artistic fiction developed on the basis of
Fonction Support is interested in corporate culture as a major contemporary cultural fact. The purpose of this fiction is: 1) To transfer traditional support roles (human resources, financing, facility management, logistics, legal affairs, purchasing, communication, etc.). 2) To accompany corporate culture in its hegemonic growth. 3) To make support roles a cultural enterprise.