(Matthias Wermke *1978, East Berlin, former GDR; Mischa Leinkauf *1977, East Berlin, former GDR)

Wermke / Leinkauf is a Berlin-based artist duo. Wermke / Leinkauf made international headlines for their action where they replaced two US flags with white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge. Wermke / Leinkauf’s work often takes up political issues and has a strong connection to site. Climbing and getting over obstacles are frequently employed as artistic strategies.

Works by Wermke / Leinkauf were shown among many others in 2016 at the Manifesta 11, Zurich, Switzerland and in 2016 at the solo Ausgezeichnet #1: Terror Artists, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany.

Web: http://www.wermke-leinkauf.com/en