Hanna Kokolo

(*1997, L'Isle d'Espagnac, France)

Hanna Kokolo is an artist working and living in France. A student at ENSA Bourges, she engages with afrofeminist, afrofuturist and decolonialist issues in her work. Through auto-fictions and fictions, she explores her own world and invites the audience to follow her words. Ceramics, sound pieces, drawings and photographs bear witness to the true existence of her stories. She recently performed Quel métier pour une âme noire at P.I.T.A. (Play In The Attic) in Bourges (August 2020) and at the Festival Longueur D'Ondes in Brest (February 2020). Working with Raadio Caargo collective, she performed L'eau Argentée at the Château d'Eau in Bourges (July 2019), at Emmetrop in Bourges (October 2019), and performed Dé-Dal at the Chaosphonie event at the Palais Jacques Cœur in Bourges (June 2018).